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I recommend Karen and Alan, especially as first-time homebuyers.

They treated my partner and I like their own children and walked us through every step of this new journey for us. Karen explained the process so clearly, and Alan was always ready to jump in if needed! Karen was so on top of the listings in our competitive market, and used her expertise to help us win a bid! I will definitely refer my friends to them!

Annika S. | First-Time Buyer

Working with Karen and Alan on the purchase of our vacation home could not have been more positive.

Being out of state buyers, it was important to know that our realtor team was looking out for our best interests. From our initial contact, the Karen Danenberg Group thought outside of the box to make our purchase seamless. From doing a video walkthrough before flying out to see the property to using her 20+ years of experience to write a contract with a dual offer made our decision to buy so easy and fun. Even her contacts after the purchase to have work done were top notch. Work with the best, don't settle for less. You deserve it!

Kathy B. | Out-of-State Buyer

Karen and Alan are the kind of realtors you would want to work with.

To start, they are very professional and passionate about the work. They listen to your requests, understand your situations, and make the best recommendations on how to proceed based on information you provide. Regardless of you are buying, selling or renting, they always do their absolute best to find you a good client as well as help you to get the most out of selling/renting your unit. In addition, they always take one extra step further to make sure everything is done right and that we get the most out of it. Karen and Alan are also very friendly, and they are very easy to work with. After working with them, they are more like your friends than just someone you work with. They also have all the right networks to help you get things done. They really help to take away the headaches from all the hard work you would have to do by giving you the right contacts to get things done for you, and they help to make the entire process so nice and smooth. Lastly, the amount of knowledge they have with all different types of houses is just amazing. They can clearly tell you if the interior is updated or not updated, they can they you how easy or complicated to make upgrades, and they always point out things that you need to be aware of. You will learn so much from them, it's incredible! From my personal experience, I have worked with them on buying, selling, and rentals. Not once I was unsatisfied with the service they provide, they never disappoint! I highly recommend reaching out to Karen and Alan for any kind of real estate needs. They are the best!

Wayne H. | Seller and Buyer

Alan and Karen are such great people that really love their job and it shows.

They helped us find our dream home and helped us sell our house. The process was very well explained and they both were extremely patient with all our questions we had. We met Alan at an open house and he was so nice and very personable. I knew right away that this is who we wanted to work with. We met Karen a few days later and she was just like Alan; Fantastic! They found some houses that matched our criteria and we went to look at them. There was no pressure and they were very knowledgeable about everything. I can't say enough about them being so patient and really wanting the best for us. If you're looking to sell or buy, I strongly recommend contacting them. We have been in our home a few years now, and love it. We also recently sold our investment property with them, and they handled all renovations & the process of the sale making it a hands-off process for us. Thank you for everything and making us smile everyday about working with you.

Shannon & Adam P. | Sellers and Buyers

Karen and Alan are wonderful in every facet of the process of selling/buying.

This time around, they guided us to the purchase of our home...during a difficult market for buyers. I am convinced that were it not for them, we wouldn't be in our home now. They even kept an eye on the progress of the mortgage, attorneys, and home inspection. They go above and beyond with their effort and availability for questions and advice. I recommend them highly.

Marla S. | Seller and Buyer

The Karen Danenberg group helped us through our first home buying experience with their thorough knowledge of the local market.

With every home viewing we went to, Karen and Alan would perform a methodical inspection, looking for signs of problems and commenting on the quality of construction, finish, appliances, etc. Karen and Alan also led us through multiple rounds of negotiation to get to a price we were comfortable with. In the end, we found the home that was perfect for us and are loving it so far! I would definitely recommend the Karen Danenberg Group!

Blake Z. | First-Time Buyer

Karen was an exceptional realtor to work with and we would happily recommend her to anyone in the market.

Her dedication to helping us find a home that was a perfect fit for us and our wish list did not waiver, even during the peak of the 2021 real estate market. Karen was consistently on the lookout for public and private listings that met our needs, always available on short notice, and an invaluable resource during showings. She was patient with our decision making, and never pushy. Once we had an offer accepted, Karen and Alan made the purchasing process a breeze. We can't thank you enough!

Martina S. | First-Time Buyer


Talk about above and beyond! Karen worked extremely hard to find us the right house in the right neighborhood. We were looking to move into a particular 55 and over neighborhood and had specific floor plans that would work for us. She said "she loved a project" and did not disappoint. Through her unending list of connections, Karen was able to find us a house that fit our needs before it even went on the market! The whole process was a positive experience from beginning to end. Our son used Karen to purchase his home and recommended her to us and boy, are we glad he did! Now we are more than happy to recommend Karen and Alan to anyone looking for a thorough and knowledgeable realtor.

Shelly B.

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